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Corrugated Container is an excellent packaging product for the environment.

Corrugated Containner is an eco-friendly and sustainable packaging products.

Recyclable material

Forest could be regeneration by growing and cutting trees. We only use timbers (pulp) from well-managed forests for making paperboard.

Use effectively

Corrugated container is comprised of valuable forest resources such as thinning, thinned or crooked trees and also old timbers that were used for housing. We are producing corrugated cardboard with using those resources without wasting any of them.


Corrugated container itself is made from timber, and timber needs absorb CO2 from the photosynthesis to grow. Corrugated container is an eco-friendly package material because even when it burns, it would not increase CO2 emissions in atmosphere.

  • Biomass is considered not to increase CO2 in atmosphere of total life cycle because when biomass (plant material) burns, it emits CO2 that plants absorb through photosynthesis when they are growing. Therefore, we call "carbon-neutral" for the nature that does not affect CO2 fluctuation.

Returns to nature

Corrugated container made from 100% recycled materials. Usually, after using corrugated container, we could recycle them, however, even if we could not recycle, corrugated container will return to the nature.

Corrugated container is an excellent product for recycling.

High recycling rate and utilization rate of old papers.

Corrugated container is called “excellent packaging product” because it has high recycling rate. Over 95% of used corrugated container in the market is collected for recycling. Then they become material of paper to be reborn to new corrugated container. Over 90% of used corrugated container becomes material for new one. It can be said that corrugated container is one of the materials that has best recycling system.

Trends of corrugated container collection rate (%)
The collection rate of corrugated container = [A] The total collection amount of used corrugated container / [B] The consumption amount of cardboard paper + [C] The amount of merchandises for exporting and importing
[A] is calculated the amount except for other brands/ foreign objects or glue of collected corrugated container.
[B] is the consumption amount of containerboard at corrugated container factories.
[C] is estimated amount of corrugated container use for packaging products of exporting/ importing.
Reference:The Japan Corrugated Case Association(JCCA)

Recycling flow of corrugated container

Diagram of the recycling flow of cardboard

The lowest environmental impact in the recycling process

Corrugated container is easily returns to be paper fiber with mixing water and becomes material of paper again. It is an excellent packaging material with low environment impact in the recycling process.

Promotion of recycling symbol on corrugated container

Corrugated RecyclesPromotion of recycling symbol rate (%)

Promotion of reduction in basis weight

Promotion of reduction in average basis weight(%)

(Industrial average values are released by Japan Corrugated Case Association)

  • Average basis weight: amount of corrugated cardboard base paper to be used per square meter