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Human Resource Development

Tomoku’s Asset: Human Resource Development

Tomoku is a top manufacturer specialized in corrugated container processing. Its strong point lies in its thorough pursuit of quality. Customers’ demands in hygiene and safety are becoming more stringent every year. Tomoku has kept up a high customer satisfaction rating without any compromises in quality or delivery time.

Therefore, we have made a significant investment in production machinery and equipment, but in fact, we have contributed more effort to human resource development. Tomoku’s belief is that human resource development leads to improvement of products and company growth.

Observation-cum-study in the West Coast of the United States

We are conducting an observation-cum-study in the West Coast of the United States for the selected 6 employees (2 employees each from production, sales and administrative divisions). They tour American markets, see customers, acquire a cosmopolitan way of thinking, and gain insights by visiting Southland Box Company, which is Tomoku’s affiliated company as well as the first and the only Japanese-affiliated corrugated container manufacturer in the United States mainland, as a base for their study.

Training Facilities

Tomoku has 3 original human resource development facilities: Renshokan, Hanshokan and Bakushokan. Employees acquire skills of assembling and disassembling machinery and equipment at Renshokan, they acquire mental toughness and flexibilities needed in the front lines of sales at Hanshokan, and employees learn to think outside of the box at Bakushokan. At these facilities, employees brush up their on-site capabilities and become human resources who can take part of an active role in the front lines.

Tomoku’s original idea is used not only for the state-of-the-art production machinery or equipment but also for human resource development.

Utilizing Proficient Skills and Experiences

We have introduced a system for continuous re-employment after the age of 60, to comply with the revised Law Concerning Stabilization of Employment of Older Persons, in order to utilize skilled employees.

To carry on the tradition of high technologies based on the extensive experience and the Tomoku spirits to the next generation, they perform as lecturers at the unique training facilities of Renshokan and Hanshokan, and/or through OJT to improve on-site capabilities.

Supporting Personal Development

Tomoku provides more than 100 correspondence courses for employees who are willing to study on their own. They can select their courses of interest and the company pays for all of the courses when they are completed. Tomoku always provides an environment where employees can continue to keep learning and can actively make efforts toward self-development.