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About Logo mark

Over many years, the Tomoku Group has conducted corporate activities with a keyword, “Tsutsumu”. This company logo expresses the determination of Tomoku to develop its corporate activities in the future.

The ring surrounding Tomoku’s T-mark represents the image “Tsutsumu” which is the core of the Tomoku’s group business, keeping the “quality” of customers’ important products, protecting the "value" for consumers, and enriching the plentiful "life" of all people. It also expresses the permanence of our business, group’s teamwork, and a sense of unity.

The white lines on T-mark express a sense of speed and dynamism of Tomoku Group’s business development and shows an image of group’s vitality as it runs toward the future.

Tomoku blue
Tomoku gray

In addition, the subdued Tomoku blue expresses honesty and cleanliness, while the Tomoku gray shows corporate stability, having a deep desire to be a highly reliable company, in line with the time of when corporate social responsibilities (CSR) and compliances are being strongly required.