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  • Tomoku Co., Ltd.
    President & Chief Executive Officer
    Mitsuo Nakahashi
We innovate "Tsustumu " with our Tomoku spirits.

The company was founded in Hokkaido in 1940, and Toyo Mokuzai Kigyo Company was established in 1949. The company changed its name to the present Tomoku Co., Ltd. in January 1971.

Conducting timber-based business including partition boards for canning, construction materials and wood prefabs, we have transferred canning partition boards (boxes) to the corrugated container business, construction materials,floor boards,wood prefabs to the housing business, and transport and storage of both to the transportation and logistics business.

The Tomoku Group continues to take on the challenge of achieving continuous innovation such as “Tsutsumu” while earning the trust of clients by packaging value and quality, enveloping lives and delivering them safely.

Our management guideline is to ensure that the results of our corporate activities, together with the development of society, will lead to a long-term increase in corporate value. Through the business that enriches people’s lives, our entire Group will constantly make a contribution to the realization of a sustainable society.