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The TOMOKU GROUP:Excellence for everyday life

The Tomoku Group Management Philosophy


Through the three main businesses, Corrugated Container and Display Carton, Housing, and Transportation and Logistics,the Tomoku Group realizes continuous innovation and quality at the forefront of corporate stewardship: Providing value for consumers, enveloping life with sustainability and conservation for the our clients and the global environment.


Enveloping the world with sustainable innovation for a greener tomorrow

High Ethical Standards
Committed to regulatory compliance and engagement in socially responsible practices that satisfy all stakeholders and the community for future generations to come.
High Caliber Management
Developing activities that strengthen our human capital, refine our technology, and produce high quality products to cohesively enhance our customer experience.
High Returns
Providing superior value and continuous Return on Investment (R.O.I) for our shareholders,customers,employees, business partners and local communities at large.
The Tomoku Spirits
  1. The soul of a pioneer to turn sand into gold.The heart of a craftman to welcome challenges.
  2. The freedom to work outside the boundary harmoniously.The unity to come together as a team in the face of adversity.
  3. The endless pursuit of technology to create quality in essential products.The commitment to originality as part of the Tomoku spirits.
Group Code of Conduct