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Contribution to local communities

Support for the Swedish Center Foundation

We support the Swedish Center Foundation, a general incorporated foundation established in Sweden Hills, Tobetsu Town in 1983, with the aim of contributing to cultural exchange and friendship between Japan and Sweden, as well as to the development of industry and culture in Hokkaido.
We introduce Swedish industry and culture through exhibitions and seminars in the Center Hall, as well as an exhibition and sale of glass works produced in the Glass Studio and imported goods.
In addition to activities such as the Midsummer festival through the experience of Swedish life and culture directly, we also organize trial workshops such as the glassblowing experience.

The Swedish Center Foundation

Exhibition and sale in the Center Hall

Holding of the Tobetsu Sweden Marathon

In 2018,the 1st Tobetsu Sweden Marathon was held in Sweden Hills to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Sweden. Since then, there has been an interruption due to COVID-19 outbreak, but we have taken initiatives in consideration for the environment and infection prevention, and we continue to support the operation.
We contribute to maintaining health, building new connections and revitalizing the region through the sport event attended by citizen runners, Sweden House owners, affiliated companies and our employees.

The 3rd event

Accepting factory tours, etc.

At our corrugated container factory, we offer factory tours and study sessions for local elementary and junior high school students to share social and environmental experiences.
Through corrugated container, we deepen our understanding of the importance of "recycling-based society" , "manufacturing" and our group's activities. We also actively interact with local communities, such as cleanup activities, sponsorship of festivals and events around the factory.

Explanation of the corrugated container on a factory tour

Supporting art education to foster the five senses

We support art education activities of neighboring art-related associations, special needs schools and kindergartens, etc. by providing corrugated board, etc..

  • Exhibition at a festival for kids

  • Painting art at a nursery school

  • Photograph courtesy of the general incorporated association ARTLABO

Support for beds and partitions etc. made of corrugated cardboard in the event of a disaster

In the event of a natural disaster, Tomoku will deliver corrugated cardboard beds, partitions, etc. as emergency relief materials in response to requests from local governments and industrial associations. In addition, we have started to deliver a multifunctional partition for desks as a countermeasure against COVID-19.

Corrugated cardboard bed for disasters that can double as a document storage box
Fireproofing corrugated cardboard bed partition
Multifunctional partition
Fireproofing corrugated cardboard partition (Example of use :Vaccination booth)