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Environmental Policy

The Tomoku Group is committed to environmental conservation activities in harmony with business activities in order to pass on the livable earth to future generations based on the management philosophy of "Providing value for consumers,enveloping life with sustainability and conservation for the our clients and the global environment"

Promotion of environmental management
Raise awareness of environmental conservation among all the Group employees and promote environmental management utilizing the environmental management system. Set environmental objectives and targets and periodically review their implementation status.
Reduction of environmental load and realization of low carbon society
Strive to conserve resources and water, and save energy at every stage of our business activities. Actively introduce renewable energy and labor-saving equipments to respond climate change and promote productivity improvement,and also strive to reduce wastes, promote its recycling and properly manage hazardous substances.
Development of environmentally responsible,safe and secure products
Considering the environment,actively strive to develop and design safe and secure products,resource-saving and energy-saving products and recyclable products for our customers.
Compliance with legal regulations and requirements
Comply with domestic and international legal requirements, arrangements and agreements, and where necessary, establish voluntary standards and comply with them.
Consideration for biodiversity conservation
Conduct business activities in harmony with nature,giving due consideration to biodiversity conservation.
Promotion of information disclosure
Strive to engage with all stakeholders and actively disclose information.