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Safety and Health Policy

The Tomoku Group places the highest priority on the safety and health of employees and local communities based on the philosophy that health and safety activities are the foundation of corporate management, and promotes the creation of a safe and secure workplace where all employees are physically and mentally healthy.

  1. Comply with safety and health related laws and internal standards, and strive for further safety and health management.
  2. Conduct risk assessments to identify hazardous and harmful factors in the workplace and determine the priority of countermeasures and promote activities to eliminate and reduce risks,which leads to not only ''zero accident'' but also ''zero hazards''
  3. Carry out safety and health activities with the participants of all employees by communicating not only with full-time employees but also with every single employee working in the factory
  4. Educate our employees about voluntary health and safety activities and strive to raise their health and safety awareness through employee training and workplace communication activities
  5. Continuously implement effective improvements by allocating appropriate management resources for safety and health activities.

Safety and Health Committee

Tomoku Co., Ltd. has established safety and health management regulations and central safety and health committee regulations based on laws and regulations or safety and health policy, and has developed a safety and health promotion system.

The Central Safety and Health Committee is made up of directors, the head of labor affairs, and union member representatives.
The Central Safety and Health Committee is to plan and promote company-wide safety and health activities as well as provide guidance and assistance to the safety and health committees at each business site.
The Central Safety and Health Committee establishes annual activity policies, and conduct factory safety patrols, safety training, and hazard prediction training.

Each business site has established a safety and health committee with labor and management participation and has developed a health and safety management promotion system that takes advantage of employee opinions.
In addition, the person in charge of each business site takes overall control of preventing occupational accidents and creating a comfortable workplace, and promotes safety and health education, measurement and evaluation of the working environment, and business environmental improvement.

Each company in the Tomoku Group has established a safety and health committee based on laws and regulations and has developed a health and safety promotion system with labor and management participation.