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“Tsutsumu”with our Tomoku spirits.

"Tsutsumu", a culture that the Japanese have held at the highest regards, is an act of expressing respect to the recipient by packaging and protecting what the recipient cherishes the most with care. Tomoku inherited this beautiful concept and take it to the next level with innovation and modern technology, infusing the same degree of care into everyday packaging solutions for our customers - Our very own "Tomoku Tsutsumu."
⁑Synonyms for TSUTSUMU: Envelope, case, wrap, cover, house

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Notice Corrugated Container and Display Carton Housing Transportation/Warehousing

Launching the Tomoku Group website English version

Group Information
Notice Housing

Started offering “HUS ECO ZERO x Zuttomo Solar”

Group Information
Notice Corrugated Container and Display Carton Housing Transportation/Warehousing

Launching the Tomoku Group website

Providing value for consumers, enveloping life with sustainability and conservation for the our clients and the global environment.


With the release of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) by the United Nations, the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the entry into force of the Paris Agreement, an international framework for COP21 against global warming, there is a strong need to work toward realizing a sustainable society on a global scale.

The Tomoku Group has been contributing to the realization of a sustainable society through business activities related to ‘‘Tsutsumu’’. We now open a group website in order to strengthen cooperation among the group companies and maximize the synergy.

Looking at businesses and people’s lives, The Tomoku Group will continue to aim to enhance corporate value and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through continuous innovation related to “Tsutsumu”.

Business Information

  • Corrugated Container and Display CartonPICKUP“Cut’it EVO”
    Automatic Packaging System with Height Adjustment Function for Cardboard Cases
  • HousingPICKUPRelease of “Moose-kun”, The Official Application of Sweden House
  • Transportation and LogisticsPICKUPTohun Logistics base the "Gunma Center"
  • The “Cut’it EVO” is an automatic packaging system that can automatically adjust the height of cardboard cases according to the contents inside.
    It provides various solutions such as labor saving and resolution to soaring logistics costs.

  • “Moose-kun” is an application that is designed to provide a variety of information to owners of Sweden House, as well as people who are considering building, rebuilding or remodeling houses, and also to those who are interested in Scandinavian housing. It provides the latest information on Sweden House/lets users register for a membership card app/get access to exclusive benefits for app members/navigation to your nearest model houses/links to SNS sites such as Instagram/make reservations for housing exhibition tours. Please install and use on your smartphone.

  • The “Gunma Center”, a new distribution center with a different operational concept, has been completed in Meiwa-Machi, Ora-Gun, Gunma Prefecture. This new center which will be centrally responsible for stably suppling products of major beverage manufactures to the Kanto region, will solve two pending issues: 1) the establishment of a more rational logistics management to improve the efficiency of the logistics system and reduce costs, and 2) the improvement of supply capacity during peak seasons.