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Sustainable Procurement Guidelines

Based on the "Management Philosophy", the Tomoku Group has established the "Procurement Policy" in order to ensure fair and equitable procurement in consideration of social and environmental issues while complying with related domestic and overseas laws and regulations. The "Sustainable Procurement Guidelines" (hereinafter referred to as the "Guidelines") are established as a guideline for the Tomoku Group to collaborate with business partners and conduct procurement transactions based on the "Procurement Policy". We will carry out fair purchasing transactions in accordance with the Guidelines.

We ask our business partners to understand the "Procurement Policy" and "Guidelines", and the business partners and their supply chains to respect these Guidelines in their procurement transactions.

We will continue to contribute to a sustainable society and environment through our business activities including procurement transactions from our business partners.

  1. Compliance with laws and social norms and respect for internationally recognized standards
    We, the Tomoku Group and our business partners, shall comply with laws, regulations and social norms applicable in Japan and other countries and regions where we conduct business activities, as well as respect internationally recognized standards. We shall practice fair and equitable transactions, and ethical and highly transparent corporate governance.
  2. Respect for human rights and workers' rights and ensuring occupational safety and health
    Prohibition of forced labor

    We shall not be engaged in any form of slave labor, bonded labor, or forced labor, and not use the labor force associated with human trafficking.

    Prohibition of child labor and consideration for young workers

    We shall not employ children under the minimum age for employment. We shall not allow young workers under the age of 18 to engage in work that may jeopardize their health or safety, such as night shifts or dangerous work.

    Prohibition of discrimination, harassment and abuse

    We shall respect the human rights of individuals and prohibit all forms of discrimination based on personal characteristics such as race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, religion, beliefs, personal history, birth, age, disability, sexual orientation, and gender identity. We shall not be engaged in harassment or abuse that damages the dignity of individuals.

    Freedom of association and right to collective bargaining

    We shall comply with laws and regulations applicable in each country and region with the effective recognition of freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.

    Appropriate management of working hours

    We shall appropriately manage and operate working hours, holidays, and vacations in compliance with all applicable national and regional laws and regulations, as well as collective agreements and conventions.

    Appropriate wage payments and benefits

    We shall comply with laws and regulations applicable in each country and region and pay fair wages in consideration of living standards. We shall not unreasonably reduce wages.

    Ensuring occupational safety and health

    We shall comply with laws and regulations applicable in each country and region, as well as respect internationally recognized standards. We shall identify and assess risks regarding occupational safety and health, eliminate work-related injuries, ill health, illness and accident triggers, and maintain and provide a safe, healthy and hygienic working environment.

    Respect for the rights of local residents

    We respect the rights of local residents and indigenous peoples in countries and regions where we conduct our business activities.

  3. Enviroment
    Addressing climate change

    We shall strive to continuously reduce greenhouse gas emissions by principally improving energy efficiency and using renewable energy through implementing reduction targets of greenhouse gas emissions.

    Effective utilization of resources and waste management

    We shall promote the effective use and circulation of resources. We shall reduce wastes and recycle resources as much as possible.

    Water management

    We shall control the use of water and promote the efficient use and recycling of water resources.

    Prevention of environmental pollution

    We shall comply with relevant laws and regulations and strive to prevent pollution of the natural environment including air, water and soil,etc. In addition, we shall carry out appropriate management and disposal of chemical substances.

    Conservation of biodiversity and resources

    We shall consider the ecosystem in all business activities and strive to conserve biodiversity. We shall strive to conserve resources by sourcing sustainable raw materials.

    • Please see Sustainable Timber/Paper Procurement Guideline
  4. Safety and quality of products and services
    Ensuring the safety of products and services and compliance with laws and regulations

    We shall comply with relevant laws and regulations to ensure the adequate safety of our products and services.

    Quality control and assurance of products and services

    We shall comply with quality standards and assure customer requirements through appropriate quality control of products and services.

    Securing of stable supply of products and services

    We shall ensure a stable supply of products and services by developing a Business Continuity Plan to prepare for emergencies such as disasters, infectious diseases, and accidents,etc.

    Provision of accurate information on products and services

    We shall provide correct and accurate information related to our products and services.

  5. Information security
    Protection against the threat of cyber attacks

    We shall take protective measures against computer and network threats to prevent damage.

  6. Confidentiality, prevention of infringement of intellectual property rights, and protection of personal information

    We shall appropriately manage and protect the confidential information not only our internal confidential information but also one received from all business partners and third parties, and prevent infringement of intellectual property rights. We shall comply with relevant laws and regulations, and appropriately manage and protect all personal information of business partners, customers, consumers, and employees.