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Corporate Outline

TOMOKU is a supplier of corrugated packagings, paper containers, and other forms of packaging indispensable for logistics and distribution businesses. As a general packaging manufacturer who can meet diversified business needs, we always strive to create new value through the supply of packaging-related services.

TOMOKU also improves living environments in Japan as an importer of Sweden House, a comfortable, high-quality line of imported houses.

TOMOKU specializes in packaging materials as base products to serve business and society.

Trade Name Tomoku Co., Ltd.
Head Office Marunouchi Mitsui Building, 2-2-2, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005, Japan
Phone Number +81-3-3213-6811
Established May 27, 1949
Representative Hideo Saito
Capital Amount ¥13,669.87million (March 31, 2017)
Amount of sales ¥1,521.53million (Consolidated accounts) (March 31, 2017)
Number of Employees 1,006 (Non-consolidated) 3,176 (Consolidated) (March 31, 2017)
Stock Listing Tokyo Stock Exchange (1st sect.) and Sapporo Stock Exchange
17 Works
Tatebayashi, Iwatsuki, Atusgi, Nagano, Sapporo, Osaka, Kobe, Komaki, Kyushu, Shimizu, Hamamatsu, Aomori, Niigata, Yamagata, Sendai, Gunma, Chiba
Sales Office
11 Offices
Osaka, Tokyo, Hakodate, Kitami, Asahikawa, Doto, Hachinohe, Goshogawara, Ota, Nagasaki, Minamikyushu
Group Business Lines Manufacture and sales of corrugated packing, corrugated packing containers, and printed pacaging.
Housing business(Manufacture and sales of Swedish-made housing)
Transpotation business & Warehouse business
Trading business
Sabsidaiary Companies 16 Companies
Sweden House Co., Ltd.
12 Offices , 65 Display Houses
Tohun Servise Co., Ltd.
9 Offices , 44 Distribution center,etc. , 
1,710 units of transport capacity , 
212,000 square meters of storage capacity
Hokuyo Co., Ltd.
2 Offices
Hokuyo Koeki Co., Ltd.
2 Offices , Sweden-hills Manegement ,
Golfcourse business , Interior business
Other 11 Companies
Domestic Group Companies 30 Companies
Corrugated packaging & Folding Carton
19 Companies
Housing business
4 Companies
Transpotation business
6 Companies
Trading business
1 Company
Overseas Group Companies 3 Companies
Corrugated packaging
2 Companies【in Los Angels , in Ho Chi Minh suburbs】
Housing business
1 Company【in insjon, Sweden】
Directors and Auditors
President & Chief Executive Officer
Hideo Saito
Senior Managing Director
Masato Okada
Managing Director of Sales /
President’s Assistant /
President of Sweden House Co., Ltd.
Managing Director
Mitsugu Uchino
General Manager of Administration Dept. /
Director in charge of Housing Business and Group companies /
President of Hokuyo Co., Ltd.
Mitsuo Nakahashi
Chief General Manager of Sales Dept.
Shoji Hirose
General Manager of Production Dept. /
General Director of Tomoku Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Yoshiyuki Kurihara
General Manager of Logistics and Procurement Dept. /
General Manager of Housing Material Dept.
Takashi Arai
General Manager of Tatebayashi Works
Hidetoshi Murai
General Manager of Kobe Works
Takeshi Ariga
General Manager of Iwatsuki Works
Tomozumi Miyasaka
Deputy Chief General Manager of Sales Dept./
Preident's special project manager
Yoshio Okamoto
President of Daiichi Container Co., Ltd.
Makoto Sakagami
Toshihiko Nagayasu
Standing Auditor
Haruo Haneishi
Michio Sato
Standing Auditor of Sweden House Co.,Ltd.
Shigeki Yagi
Kyu Iida
Senior Executive Officer
Yoshihisa Minami
Assistant to General Manager of Production Dept.
Takashi Nara
Overseas Business /
Director of Tomoku Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Mitsuo Inoue
General Manager of Sapporo Works
Executive Officer
Shoichi Yamashita
General Manager of Kansai Sales Dept.
Terutaka Fukazawa
Deputy Chief General Manager of Sales Dept./
Manager of Tokyo Sales Dept.
Yoshito Yamaguchi
General Manager of Accounting Dept.
Shiro Tomita
General Manager of Niigata Works
Tatsunori Uejima
General Manager of Komaki Works
Hisao Sonoki
Assistant to General Manager of Production Dept./
General Manager of Tatebayashi Works Production Dept.

(August 25,2017)